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Freitag, 14. Februar 2014

Valentines Day or not?

Valentines day, actually my second one where I am not Single, still kinda weird :)

Well what can I say? As you all probably know by now I love holidays and celebrating things like that.

BUT I think when u are in a relationship where u truly love each other it shouldn't matter if it is Valentines day or not, you should always show ur other half that u love them.
Tenderness, Love, Romance, Affection, Sensuality, all this is needed and wanted every day not only on one day a year!
I think we all should remember that.
Yes sure why not buy flowers, or a necklace or a stuffed animal, make a candle light dinner or a wellness weekend during the year?
You don't have to wait for 14th february to make something speical for the person you love.
And my opinion to this day is, as long as we don't only use it to pretend we care and love our partner, and show it just once a year it can be a very nice, lovely day.
It's the day of the Lovers it means celebrating our love more then usual, it means really realizing what u have with ur partner.
So relationships, Love means effort u have to make an effort every day of the relationship, and it shouldn't even feel like effort, u know what I mean?
Make ur partner feel special on every day u are with them.
We all know nothing in this world is promised, so let us really enjoy every moment with our other half and make it to a special one as long as we can.
I do love to get flowers and presents, messages and posts on my wall from my boyfriend on this very special day and I don't want him to stop that.
I love Valentines day as I said for me it is a day to celebrate the love even more, and I think love does deserve such a day.
As long as we not ONLY show our love to our partner on this day everything is okay and we can all enjoy it.
Yeah there are ppl who don't like that day but hey u know what? You don't have to celebrate it, but let others do what they want to!
Dont ruin their Valentines days!
And also stop grumbling "Yeah it's just another day where the corporations make money", so what?
That's life, they make money and don't care about the love on this day BUT
isn't it more important that the ppl who celebrate Valentines day and spend money on their partner enjoy it and feel even closer on this day?
That's what it should be about, so if u don't like it, just shut up, u are not forced to celebrate Valentines day.
For all the others,