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Mittwoch, 30. April 2014

Islam, Christianity.....what is the "right" faith?

Yeah I think you can have the right faith, really I think that.
BUT it's not dependant on how u call ur god, how he looks or what he did.
It's about Hope, Love, respect.
About treating others as good as you can, helping others. Not being selfish.
Not hurting others.
Not killing nor raping.
Not about punishing the ppl who have a different religion.
The right religion doesn't exist, as in every religion u have the extremists, the ones who think they are the only ones who know what to do and who think all they do is right.
Some of them even do it in gods name, but that doesn't make it right.

It is awful to hear what ppl say........this muslim saying when christians fight against muslims they need to be attacked, and killed..... all these poor people being killed becos of their religion and u jus tsit there and ask urself why is this happening? Why do ppl think they have the right to do those things and o it in the name of God, Allah etc.....I guess  I will never understand how ppl can kill others and even say the believe in god, allah etc.
God is love thats what it is all about......so instead of killing ppl who don't have the same religion shouldn't they better live their religious life and respect that others have another faith?.....there was one girl she said islam means peace and that islam is about accepting and respecting others faith...........but I can't see that happenning..its sad.......I think no matter what religion u have if u are full of anger, if u kill people and treat them like gabbage u are confusing religion with extremism......religion should bring us peace not war........

So no one has the right religion as there is no right or wrong one.
Whenver it's about killing or hurting any living creature it's Hate, and has nothing to do with religion nor faith.
So whatever u believe in. If u are muslim, christian, buddhist, hindu.I don't care as long as u respect everyone. As long as u never harm someone intentionally u will have my total respect.

I hope one day it will be possible to have ur religion and don't have to be afraid to say it out loud.......nowadays trust me it's not easy to be christian either.......u have all the haters there on the net......but I simply don't care cos I know I am a good person, I believe in god and humanity and I respect other religions.
So yeah it's important to wake up and wake up others so we all realize it should never be about killing others!

Give respect and love, NEVER let hate into your heart.as soon as hate is in there it will never leave again and everything will be controlled by it........Let love be in there instead....no matter how hard this will be do it and u will surely have a better life than if u waste ur time with hating.

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