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Mittwoch, 7. Oktober 2015

Dear Mr. Unnamed

Can you remember when you told me that the kind of Love I want exists only in books and movies?
And that I am naive to expect it from anyone?
Here is my late reply, I may have been naive to expect it from someone who thinks it doesn't exist.
But I know it does exist in real life and I have various proofs for that.
Take a look at social media or Youtube and you will find heaps and heaps of videos, pictures, stories and footage of people who love each other the way I want to be loved, the way I love you.
People who are married for 50 years or more and still feel comfortable with each other, people who see each oher everyday, and surely have fights and bad days but still manage to keep the fire burning.
People who do put work in a relationship so it never grows old, people who are there for each other always, people who keep promises, people who truly love each other and don't need no other woman/man. People who truly live "Until death do us part".
Actually I should feel sorry for you because you will never ever experience such a love, you can't because you don't even believe it exists.
So what I expected was never a perfect relationship or a perfect love, that doesn't exist, what I expected was the kind of love you think only exists in movies, books and is a fairytale that little girlies who never grew up believe.
The kind of love that is true, pure, honest and worth more than anything and can't be compared with the love for a child, a parent or a friend........
It's the kind of love people call True Love, the realest love between two people who meet one day and feel as if they had always known each other.............

TRUE LOVE DOES EXIST and if you or anyone else don't believe it does I don't care for I know it does even though not everyone will experience it...........

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