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Samstag, 19. September 2015

A Super Bowl Halfshow, Bruno Mars and some memories

Oh damn it, I should have seen that coming...

Well I never watched the Super Bowl simply becos I live in Austria and I never saw a Half Time Show but this here just blew me away...........daaaaaamn and to know that there were ppl saying he couldn't do that or that he shouldn't becos he is not a star makes me roll my eyes.

This was just amazing and the most powerful, greatest 14 minutes I have ever seen.
He was amazing just the way he is :)
He has an awesome voice and he dances like out of the world...........and then combined with the Red Hot Chili Peppers that must have been awesome to see live.
I mean I looove music and this was IT it was pure, raw music at its best. This is how music has to be, fun, and enjoyable, emotional.

At the end his song well that kinda threw me off the cliff.
I love that song I find it beautiful and well I remember when I first met that one man I love so much and my mum(who is a huge Bruno Fan) listened to the Bruno Mars Cd I bought her and it played that song and he didn't know the song but when he heard it he said it's a great song and that this is what he would say to me.........so it became one of our songs I don't know if he remembers though.......

I remember listening to the Cd with him, my mum and pa in the car, him and I held each others hands and looked forward to the place we drove, and then it played that song again and "Marry Me" and he looked into my eyes and nodded..........So this brings back memories............

And well I am so envious cos when we met online it was a few months before my mums birthday and he wanted me to choose something for her and he would pay for it as I couldn't afford anything better than a Cd or such as I don't have money, so I thought it would be awesome to gift her two tickets for the Bruno Mars Concert in our homecity Vienna, he bought the tickets and at her Birthday he was here in Vienna and we gave her the tickets, she was screaming and so happy.
I was happy for her, she had never been to a concert before neither had I so I wish I would have been there too LOl but anyway my mother and I have a very complicated relationship and lately it became worse, but back then I just wanted to thank her at least once for giving birth to me and raising me on her own, dealing with my problems as well as her own including violence, depressions etc.
We both had a hard time and it does suck that we didn't make it.
But she will always be my mother and I will always love her, I have some great memories with her.
She did a lot of shitty things and we mostly don't talk or interact, she is mostly badmouthing me, stabbing my back or just rude...........but I did make my peace with it. It is sad and I wish I would have still a mother, I mean I have her but she is not really a mother since years.
I would love her to be a mother who loves me who shows it, who supports me, but yeah anyway. Don't want to mess this post up ;) So awesome show loooove it!

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