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Mittwoch, 30. September 2015

Is it Dependency or Love? Two different kinds of Dependency

Many ppl don't understand what true love is. Some even confuse it with dependency.

Yes when u are without the one u love u feel lonely, you are weak, sad and it seems nothing makes sense and yes it sounds like dependency or being overdramatic but do u know what it is? Love!

Dependency is not love it is a condition someone feels, caused from the fear of being alone, clinging to a person who claims to love u so u don't have to be alone,

So believe me I know both btdt.......Never confuse Love with Dependency just because things are meaningless to u when you are without the one u love!

I myself can truly say I love someone and thus my happiness and the way I feel is in a way dependant on him just because only with him I can be happy, he doesn't understand that never did but now it doesn't matter anyway,

I just want to tell u, whoever reads this, never let anyone tell u that it is wrong to feel sad or feel like you can't be truly happy without the one you love, that is true love, that is sadly how it feels.......But never be afraid of truly loving someone it s the strongest feeling, and surely the best you can ever feel.

As some of you may now I have some serious mental conditions and yes also dependent traits(whatever that means lol) nah seriously I think I do know what it means and as I wrote in this post it comes from my past and things I experienced. It made me totally clinge on my mother when I was a child until a few years ago. She was the only one I had and I always tried to make her proud and impress her, I always wanted to be loved by her, like I was when I was a little child.

I guess in the eyes of some that is dependency. I was never dependent on him though, he just never realized or cared.

So let me end this post again with saying Dependency is not Love but true Love will cause you to be a bit dependent on the other one, like I said with feeling happy or complete, that is not wrong and not weird that is how it should be and ur partner doesn't feel the same? He says he can be happy without you etc.? Then he doesn't truly love you......

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