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Montag, 27. Januar 2014

Let's make the World a better place!!!

I am in this world since 23 years and what I have been through and what I've seen makes me think that maybe it would have been better to never have been born.
BUT I am here and so I will try to make this world a bit better.
Everyone wants to do something that will stay in everyones mind after we are long gone, that is not my goal, my goal is to reach ppl to encourage them, so we can ALL make something that will never be forgotten!

The sad thing is that most of the ppl nowadays only care about money, looks and Power.
But I do know there are others, who have pure hearts full of Love!
With this post I want to speak to all!

We have to wake up and see that this world is a gift! We should treat it as that!
We have to start living WITH and FOR the planet, NOT against it!
All of us, the tiniest little ant, need to stand together!

This is the world we live in!
And let's be honest it could be a much better place for many of us, right?
So then let us stand up and stand together, united as one!

There is no space for racism, hatred, arrogance, ignorance and Stupidity.
We have to stop judging others by their skin color, religion, looks, relationship status, age, money, gender!
We have to respect each other!
We are all living creatures so we all have rights.
And as human beings we have the right but also the duty to make this world a better world!
We also have the rights of our own opinions, religion and thoughts!
We should only judge people by their character and actions!

There is so much pain in this world! So much hunger!
Not only for food but also for respect, love and PEACE!
Imagine what we could all achieve if we would just wake up, open our eyes and actually SEE!
We have to start caring for others not only for ourselves!

We are all in this together!
We can make it happen!
Let us make the World, OUR World, the world we have been given, a better place for ALL!
We need to make a change, before it is too late!
WE ARE THE WORLD!(best song to keep this post to ur mind!)

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