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Mittwoch, 29. Januar 2014

True Heroes! And some thoughts about my true love!

Yes they exist.
Everywhere you can find them u just have to look around and get to know ppl.
I saw a lot of TV shows where they show some of them, also there are heaps of inspiring videos on Youtube.
Right now I will only mention a little girl and her mum, but I dedicate this post to all the fighters out there!
Stay strong!

Fiona-Melina  Oertl, a few months ago :)
Well a year ago I saw this TV show called Extraordinary ppl (german television) and yes there I saw this little girl called Fiona-Melina, she is pretty she is loveable BUT also she has a very rare health condition. Only 4 ppl ever suffered from it. She is the only one who still lives.
I will post the episode, it's in german but I just want u to actually "meet" her.
This little girl has become 4 years last december.
Doctors said she wont become older than 2,5 years.
Imagine what a horrible diagnosis that was for the parents and the family.
Yvonne, Fionas mum, never gave up on her daughter, she is only 27 but she is one of the strongest ppl I ever saw.
Fiona suffers from Partial monosomy 9p(Chromosome 9, Partial Monosomy 9p is a rare chromosomal disorder in which there is deletion (monosomy) of a portion of the 9th chromosome. Characteristic symptoms and findings include mental retardation; distinctive malformations of the skull and facial (craniofacial) region, such as an abnormally shaped forehead (i.e., trigonocephaly), upwardly slanting eyelid folds (palpebral fissures), and unusually flat midfacial regions (midfacial hypoplasia); structural malformations of the heart (congenital heart defects); genital defects in affected males and females; and/or additional physical abnormalities. In most cases, Chromosome 9, Partial Monosomy 9p appears to result from spontaneous (de novo) errors very early in embryonic development that occur for unknown reasons (sporadically).)
Still Fiona is one of the true heroes, she learned to walk, she can speak a little, she laughs a lot and most of all she gives true unconditional love!
She had a dolphin therapy which helped her much, when they were there in Turkey she immediately screamed less(she tended to scream for 10 hours a day), she laughed a lot and had a good time with her mum and her grandfather.
This only happened because many ppl donated money for it.
Which shows that there are ppl who actually care for others and that makes me think that maybe the world isn't lost. There is still humanity on this planet!!!
So of course if u can donate pls do so, even only a euro, it helps definitely.
Of course i know there are many ppl who need help and money.
If I could I would donate for them all, seriously.
So yes I only talked about Fiona, I want her to be known as the hero she is.
I want ppl to actually care for others!
And well when I saw the episode for the first time last year, I had a big fight with my then fiancee, and after I saw it I just asked myself "Why do we have to complicate our lives"? "Why do we hurt the ppl we love when we should be thankful that we have them?" When we should enjoy every little second we have with them? 
Today well it's the same thought but sadly he is no longer my fiancee.
Anyway I love him and miss him but that's not where the focus should be in this post so I just think I(and many others of u) should be thankful for the Life I have been given.
It's not always easy, as u know I have been through a lot and still my life is very hard to deal with.
BUT ppl like this little girl make me see that I have to be thankful that I am mostly healthy and that I am alive.
We all should keep that to our mind, especially when we have fights with our loved ones, just think twice if it's really necessary to put so much in those fights and endless discussions, if u should keep on with the fight when u better should enjoy the time together.
I am sad that my true love wont read this but I do hope that one day at least I can be thankful that I had him even though it was only for a year.
Yes I admit I doubted a lot of things he said or did and yes due to circumstances I do now as well, but inside there is this little voice that tells me I should believe in things he said, I should believe that he actually loved me, even though I don't love myself. I should believe that it was just not meant to be, that we have too much to deal with on our own so we can't stay in this relationship, I shouldn't think that he played a game and I was a fool. So yes I do believe in his love he had for me as good as I can 
I always called him "my hero" , yes we had very bad times and lot of shit happening in our past(when we werent together), also when we were a couple.
BUT he gave me back my will to live, he showed me even though I had troubles with believing it, that I am worthy!
When I looked in his eyes I saw that I was loved and no one can ever take that memory from me.
So I better stop now cos I am crying, I really miss him, but u can't force anyone to stay with u or to love u.
Sometimes it doesn't matter what u feel, you have to let go!
Anyway please always support other ppl.
Show them that the world is still full of Humanity and Love, show them that not every person is only selfabsorbed and egoistic.
To all the fighters, survivors and heroes: Please always stay strong, we will make it 
Fiona-Melina(the video)