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Sonntag, 26. Januar 2014

Standing up for People with mental health conditions!!!

Okay, i decided to make this post due to my current situation and because i want to help other ppl who suffer from depressions etc.
I do wanna make a post where it will be all about me and my conditions. But this one is for all of you who suffer from mental health conditions.
As we all know this can happen to everyone on the planet but still many ppl just don't think it exists or they just don't wanna see it.
I think we(all of us who have depressions and such or had them) need to support each other and stand up for each other, so the world actullay sees that we exist, that we suffer, that we fight and that we are not less worthy than "healthy" ppl.
We all know there are diseases and conditions that are worse than ours, like cancer, AIDS etc.
We all want that this diseases can be cured one day.
And in my case I do want to support them all as well.
But I do think that mental health conditions aren't that much noticed, many ppl think it's just a fake, and sadly many ppl use those conditions to just hide how lazy they are and yeah fake those things.
BUT I also know there are thousands who suffer from depressions, borderline, panic attacks, domestic violence, sexual abusement etc. and I wont give up to fight for them and with them till the day all the ppl in the world respect them, we are NOT Liars nor Fakers!
Also all should know by now, that mental health conditions are not contagious so why treat us like infected ppl?
Guess what I came across alot of ppl with depressions and such and yeah there are good ppl under them as well as bad ones but that's just how it is and how it also is when ppl are "healthy"
Actually I think most of the ppl who at least suffered once from such a condition are stronger and more helpful and understanding then those who never experienced such things.
I dont wanna judge anyone, I don't say every "healthy" person is mean.
I just think we, the ones with problems, need to be respected and treated like human beings, because we are!
I think I am gonna do some more posts like that and hope the word will be spread so that one day we don't have to be ashamed of telling others we have depressions, suicidal thoughts, panic attacks etc.
P.S: I decide to call US AtoZ-FIGHTERS! you wanna know why? cos there are so many of us with different conditions from A-Z sooo :)