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Sonntag, 12. Januar 2014

The difference between Daydreams

So much happened and still happens.
Sadly I never find the time to write here LOL. So busy.
But when I have ideas for blogposts I write them down and will definitely post them one day :)
So now to the subject DAYDREAMS I think we all have or had them.
So here is the difference between the two kinds of Daydreams :)
The first kind of Daydreams are the ones where we know we will never be able to achieve/experience them like me dreaming about having a big house with my own library, TV room and pool, I mean sure I could win in the lottery(even though I dont play it :) or I can be lucky and become famous as writer but let's be honest the chance that this happens is not that high so I know if there is no wonder happening I will never have that.
But I love to have these kind of daydreams I mean it's so cool to dive into them and be there and be happy.
I know they are not real and will never be but it's nice to know I can dream and set it as my impossible goal to reach :)
The second kind of Daydreams are those we could achieve/experience well not without a bit luck as well cos as we all know every day could be our last.
But you know what I mean.
For example one of my daydreams of that category: Me having a child :)
So I guess its obvious where the differences are :)
Dream big! ( it can never be wrong) 

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